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Major Fish Farm Coming off Hawaii

According to The Verge, there’s going to be a highly automated fish farm, 1,300 feet deep, a few miles off the coast of Hawaii. It’s called Oceansphere. Within Oceansphere, there will be an automatic feeding system, thrusters to keep the sphere stationary, plus 1,000 tons of Ahi and Bluefin tuna,…

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Eat Fish Today, Retain Brain Health Later?

According to Reuters, a study of 260 people revealed that eating fish made for a healthier brain.

"Brain scans showed that people over age 65 who regularly ate fish had 14 percent more gray matter in brain regions associated with memory and 4 percent more in areas devoted to cognition than people w…

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Know Your Fish

These fish clearly are trout, courtesy The Fish Times

"...As much as one-third of seafood sold in restaurants and groceries is fraudulently labeled, according to a report the advocacy group Oceana released Thursday. The group sampled 674 retail outlets in the District and 20 states between 2010 a…

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