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You Mean Neanderthals Ate Plants and Little Critters, Too?!

Forgive the sarcasm, but really, did we all think that early uprights ate only the flesh of humungous beasts, slaughtered with the teamwork of a group?

Females undoubtedly wandered forth, gathering berries, roots, mollusks and greens, and netting small animals, in order to keep the group and its children fed day after day. Not exciting, but there it is.

Now that food--we eat, every day yes we do!--is the fave topic of the day, more and more stories are popping up with that as a focus. Neanderthals living in caves in Gibralter apparently roasted and ate rock doves, aka early ancestors of pigeons, along with sea food and plants, in between gorging on major mammal roasts.

More here from The Guardian.

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