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Recipes for Life, Love and Art: What's Not to Like?

Bloomsbury fans, lovers of Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Lytton Strachey and the gang, and those keen to rediscover old handed down, handwritten English recipes, and lovers of foodish art, get this lavishly illustrated book by Jan Ondaatje Rolls, a look at "vital living across the dining table."


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Thinking Outside the Shop: Borderless Cafes

UK Frozen Foods Boom: Healthy Plus or Just Profit-Maker?

Frozen foods. Better than canned? Yes. Better than fresh? Likely not. Less wasteful? Possibly. Longer lasting? Hmm. Less expensive? Sure.

"Six years ago Delia Smith was lampooned for recommending frozen mash and, more recently, Gordon Ramsay's reputation was dented over frozen ready meals. But m…

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How Bees Make Honey

Brits Show Some Heat at Harrogate Flower Show

Yes, they are spelling them "chillies" but we will forgive them that, we in New Mexico where "chiles" is the only acceptable spelling of the Americas' warmest veg. Hey, the Brits are getting with the program with Harrogate's ChilliFest, first ever, at the Autumn Show.

Check it all out here.

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UK Food Historian Added To "Foodish Blogs" Roll

Ivan Day posts on a blog called Food History Jottings, which we have just added to our blog roll, center column. ( His website is

Here's what he says about himself: "I am an independent social historian of food culture and also a professional chef and confectioner. I run practica…

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Outraged UK Catholic Group Nixes Crisps

This post originally appeared at The Potato Museum.

You won't be able to try this new chip/crisp, flavored with Worcestershire sauce and chiles, because its name offended a group called Protect the Pope in the UK. The company that launched the brand, Pret a Manger, caved to the group's assertio…

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DIY Doner Kebab, in Pix

Seized with a passion to both make and eat Doner Kebab? The Guardian's Tim Hayward shows how.

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