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Maize Maze Prisoners call 911

Be afraid, be very afraid, of humungous corn mazes, or as we like to call them, maize mazes. According to Business Insider, people in a maze run by Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA, unable to find their way out, have been annoying local rescue units by calling 911.

"The maze was entered into the Gu…

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A Great Notion: The Kitchen Library

If you don't have a creme brulee blowtorch, or a giant bread maker at hand when you want one, and if you live in Toronto, you can borrow same from The Kitchen Library.

Via NPR: "The Toronto-based nonprofit startup was created by 30-year-old Dayna Boyer, a Canadian foodie who was frustrated with her…

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How Does 3D Printing Work, Exactly?! Food Prep Gets Wild and Crazy

Astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) can look forward to packing something extra for food: not another frozen lunch pack, but a 3D printer that can produce a full-on pizza in seven minutes. In meeting NASA’s need for “something that had longer shelf life, that offered personalized nut…

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Flying Fare in Germany

Maybe this is Meals on Wheels for Germany? No, Meals on Wing. Anyway, according to a report in HuffPost, if you live in Dusseldorf or Cologne, you can order home delivery of freshly prepared airline food, as in Lufthansa business-class-esque meals. 

“A new service called Air Food One is currently …

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Eat Well as a Japanese Astronaut

To “enrich the variety of Japanese space food,”  the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has selected 33 Japanese dishes, including "wagyu beef keema curry, miso soup and hijiki seaweed salad, for development as future astronaut food,” according to a piece in The Wall Street Journal/Japan. Als…

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America's Cheeses Need….New Names?

So US-made cheeses apparently will need better names, more geographically correct names, names that reflect origins, if the EU trade agreement goes through ? Provenance, yeah!

Read more via Slate.

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American Prosciutto Steps Up

Iowa decently/humanely raised pigs are making an Italian ham delicacy into an American reality, with a little help from their friends, Kathy and Herb Eckhouse.

According to this piece in the NYTimes, “It was a crazy idea, but we didn’t think it was a stupid idea,” says Herb Eckhouse..."


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If You're Special/Lucky/Volkswageny, Live in Japan, Then...

So, yeah, you, too, can create VW Logo toast, if you can get your hands on one of these rarified toasters. Laughing Squid has the story here.

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Food Wins! And It's "Knaidel."

Oy! Mazeltov, good spellers! And some recipes for the winning word in the National Spelling Bee are right here. 

Mars Bars? Printing Up Eats for Space Travelers

According to the WaPost, "Texas-based Systems and Materials Research Corp. has been selected for a $125,000 grant from NASA to develop a 3-D printer that will create “nutritious and flavorful” food suitable for astronauts, according to the company’s proposal. Using a “digital recipe,” the printers…

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Let 'Em Eat Rats/Fox

Lamb customers in the Shanghai area of China were buying other critters, disguised to be lamb-like, somehow, including rats,mink and foxes, according to an AP report from Beijing.

Criminal faux meat rings! Amazing. Read more here.

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Yay, Industrial Chemicals Now in Food

"Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have discovered phthalates, industrial chemicals, in common foods purchased in the United States."

Common as in bad packaged pizza, supermarket meats and the like.

More from Science Daily 

Via Slash Food

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The Fungal-Ripening Benedictine Nuns of Bethlehem

These nuns know cheese, thanks to an assignment to a young nun years ago that led to a cow that led to a cheese-making tradition in Connecticut.

Sister Noella Marcellino, with a PhD in microbiology, heads the team at the Abbey of Regina Laudis.

In  a piece in the New Haven Register, Sister Noell…

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Tea Hangers? Why Not?

Clever/amusing packaging idea from  Soon Mo Kang.

Via Looks Like Good Design

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Outraged UK Catholic Group Nixes Crisps

This post originally appeared at The Potato Museum.

You won't be able to try this new chip/crisp, flavored with Worcestershire sauce and chiles, because its name offended a group called Protect the Pope in the UK. The company that launched the brand, Pret a Manger, caved to the group's assertio…

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