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Two Food-ish Museums Make Finals

Each year the European Museum of the Year forum nominates candidates to be in the running for the top award, the next in 2015.

This year, two of 42 nominees fit into our own category of food and drink. The Vinseum, of Vilafranca, Spain, province of Barcelona, is one. The second is Wind Starke ( For…

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A Wine Cellar Destroyed in 1600 BC, Now Unearthed

An earthquake struck a palace at Tel Kabri in Israel, about 1600 BC, destroying a well-stocked wine cellar, according to a story on

"The remains of 40 large jugs found at the site show traces of wine infused with herbs and resins, an international team reports today in the journal …

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Mining for Wine

Forget fancy wine cellars: the best place to store wine is in a tunnel. In Moldova—Europe’s poorest nation that has consistently been one of the world’s top 10 wine exporters, according to the BBC, there is “one of the world’s greatest wine stores in a warren of old mining tunnels deep inside the …

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Micro-Vineyards: Wine Collectives in Spain

( Photo of a micro-vineyard in France.)

Via the Guardian:

"...what if making your own wine conjured up images, instead, of a valley in Southern Europe, snow-topped mountains in the distance, olive and almond groves climbing up the hillsides and an abandoned, 100-year-old vineyard, that you'd bou…

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