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An End to Low Fat in 2015?

Grant Petersen's book succinctly demolishes the 30,40,50 year old "healthy eating" notions of high carb, low fat in the US, based on his own life, as well as science, suggests brief vigorous exercise for fitness, and implores us to enjoy ourselves doing other activities, whether skiing, running, b…

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Resolved for 2015?

For 2015: "Resolve to try one new food each week for a year—or an unfamiliar preparation of an already-known food."

It's a book, a challenge, and a tossing  down of the gauntlet for kids.

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"Power Hungry" in Brooklyn

It's a photographic look at what the powerful vs the powerless eat. Here is an imagined spread in North Korea, both views.

At Air Circulation.

Comfort Foods? Bah Humbug! (Not.)

Many people may see ice cream as the perfect mood-lifter, but a recent study in Health Psychology claims that “comfort foods” aren't really comforting at all. “Results showed that there were no significant effects of food type (including comfort, non-comfort, and neutral foods) on mood, sugges…

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June 17: Eat Your Veggies Day?!

Really? That's right up there with "Breathe the Air Day," isn't it? Come on, people. Veggies r us. Silly.

( Pictured are okonomiyaki, Japanese veggie pancakes.)

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Irish Foodies Lured to Scotland

"Following the success of the Celtic Cook Off over the past two years, the West Cork Food/Celtic Cook Off working group have been invited to take part in the two-day Loch Fyne Food Fair in Scotland from 18 to 19 May."

Their host is Roy Brett, past Cook-Off winner, and chef at Ondine, in Edinburgh…

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