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Neolithic Croatians Rocked Cooking, Heating

"Prehistoric experts in Croatia claim to have found what they say is the world's oldest Aga. The 6,500-year-old oven was unearthed in a ancient home during an archeological dig at a Neolithic site in Bapska, a village in eastern Croatia, which experts say is one of the most important in Europe. Expe…

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Can't Get Enough Photos of Food Dishes?

The Food Foto Gallery allows you to gorge-----on the food pix of others, or your own. Mega masses of food pix. From soup to nuts, as it were. Pictured? Homemade tortillas.

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Finally Learning to Cook at 78

British writer Michael Freedland lost his wife of many years one year ago. But he also lost his favorite cook. Urged on by his children, he is learning to do more than scramble eggs. And then some.

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