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Food Heritage Sites, New Mexico

Hacienda de los Martinez, Taos    Built in 1804, this Spanish Colonial-style hacienda in northern New Mexico was the center of ranching, agriculture and the supplying of materiel for traders, travelers and soldiers.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas, Santa Fe    "This historic rancho, now a living history museum, dates from the early 1700s and was an important paraje or stopping place along the famous Camino Real, the Royal Road from Mexico City to Santa Fe."



 Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm,  Albuquerque      

A place to stay, a farm, a fine restaurant, Los Poblanos' buildings date from 1934, sitting on land cultivated for millennia by native Americans.



San Antonio, NM   

home of the fabled Owl Cafe, as well as Buckthorn Tavern, San Antonio is known for this as well: 

"San Antonio may be but a blip on the map, but its storied and pioneering history make this sparsely populated agricultural community arguably one of New Mexico's most important towns.

In 1629, San Antonio was the site on which Franciscan friars planted the first vineyard (for sacramental wine) in New Mexico (in defiance of Spanish law prohibiting the growing of grapes for wine in the new world.)"

Via Gil's Thrilling ( and Filling) Blog







Chiles! Red or Green?

Open Space--Albuquerque

Albuquerque Open Space

The Open Space Visitor Center in Albuquerque features views of ancient farmland, exhibits on flora and fauna, garden demos, history and more.

San Ysidro, the patron saint of farmers, is a familiar image in New Mexico.

Via NMHistory Museum: "Ysidro lived a life of hard work and charity on a farm near Madrid until his death in 1130. Legend says that an angel ploughed his fields while he prayed, rewarding his piety. Variations depict San Ysidro ploughing, or simply holding his ox goad with oxen and angels as his attributes. His image is carried in procession through the fields as a blessing for a good harvest on his feast day of May 15th."

Casa San Ysidro, Corrales

"The original Greek revival home, built by the Gutiérrez family, dates to the 1870s. Today Casa San Ysidro also includes Alan and Shirley Minge's recreation of a 19th century rancho, complete with a small family chapel, a central plazuela and an enclosed corral."

Pictured: one of the kiva fireplaces, used for cooking, heat, and as a gathering place.