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Mother Earth News Contributing Editor William Woys Weaver is an expert on how to grow and cook with heirloom varieties. The author of numerous books, Weaver recently established The Keystone Center, in Devon, PA, an educational institute focused on Pennsylvania's five distinct food regions. 

Here we link you up to some articles WW3 wrote for Mother Earth News a few years back. 

First off, how he became an "heirloomist," and culinary historian. Harvesting Our Heirloom History, August/September 2008.

Next, maters, the big ones, the reddest ones, and his favorites. 'Abraham Lincoln'Tomatoes, April/May 2008.

Peaches, the odd-shaped ones, the ones with flavor. 'Saturn' Peaches, October/November 2006.

The spicy lemony peppers known as Aji Limo. Read all about them. How to Grow Aji Limo, February/March 2006.


NB   Weaver's 1997 classic Heirloom Vegetable Gardening book is now available as an e-book via MENews.






(Slideshow Photos:  via Rare Seeds, Abe Mater via, Peaches via, pink beans via Rob Cardillo, white squash, Seeds for Generations, Rosa Bianca eggplant via.)