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Insecticides Coating Corn, Killing Honey Bees

The chemicals used to coat corn kernels before planting have likely caused the massive honey bee die-offs in recent years, according to a report in Environmental Science and Technology Journal.

"According to the new study, neonicotinoid insecticides "are among the most widely used in the world, pop…

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ByeBye Bad Cans

According to the website GOOD, "Campbell’s Soup Company is going BPA-free. Sort of. The company is beginning to use alternatives to Bisphenol-A—the chemical some studies link to reproductive problems and certain types of cancers—in its soup packaging, a company bigwig said at a shareholders' …

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Eat the Packaging?

Maybe you CAN eat it all---experimenters with edible packaging feel they are close to creating the ultimate recyclable.

"The notion [of Wikicells] is that you are englobing liquid, foam, or something else in a soft membrane held together by food particles that are being connected by electrostatic c…

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Green Fashions: Plant a Shoe, Get Plants!

We hope the seeds embedded in this Dutch line of compostable shoes called OAT Shoes someday will include a few from edibles, but right now apparently only flowers will bloom from your tired, worn out shoes if you plant them. Still, what an idea!

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Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Syrup?

"Next time you pick up an organic cereal bar or buy infant formula, you might want to read the label closely. High levels of arsenic, a chemical linked to cancer, chronic diseases and developmental effects, have been found in foods that list organic brown rice syrup as a primary ingredient, accordin…

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Storing Veggies/Fruits Without Plastic...

A printable fact-filled pdf tells all, via the Ecology Center's Berkeley Farmers' Markets.

Big Bad Chiquita Does A Goodie

"ForestEthics reports that Chiquita Bananas has become the latest in a long line of major brands that is pledging to boycott oil from tar sands."

Tar sands mining is terrible on ground water. And other issues relating to human well-being.

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