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Wendy's Sweets, and more...

Yep, baked sweet potatoes are new on the sides menu at Wendy's, apparently.
All good. One of the great healthy foods. But Wendy's is offering them with a "buttery cinnamon topping." "Buttery" as in fake, as in not butter, as in how much sugar, too? !
And this side, as well--"Wendy’s natural cut fries with sea salt covered in a sauce made with Cheddar cheese and real milk, Wendy’s famous rich and meaty chili, and then topped with real shredded Cheddar cheese."  OY!
Funny and sad, too, when the PR folk have to write "real" in front of any ingredient. Sigh.

The website states "100% pure beef from North American raised cattle..." They are trying hard, our Wendy people.

Pictured, the fries.... 

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