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Coffee Entering "Third Wave?" Huh?

We know no one is waxing poetic about Folger's anymore, but are true coffee freaks going all evangelical about sustainability?

Uh huh.

"In the third wave, however, we buy coffee based on its origins, its process, its methods – and its evangelists are out to get specific about what separates it fro…

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Mining for Wine

Forget fancy wine cellars: the best place to store wine is in a tunnel. In Moldova—Europe’s poorest nation that has consistently been one of the world’s top 10 wine exporters, according to the BBC, there is “one of the world’s greatest wine stores in a warren of old mining tunnels deep inside the …

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"Food and Drink," NYTimes Sunday Mag

Terroir matters, as we declared in our book, Gastronomie: Food Museums and Heritage Sites of France, and wine guy Kermit Lynch agrees. Read his take on enjoying wine, scouting out good ones, et al, here.  And more, of course.

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