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Micro-Vineyards: Wine Collectives in Spain

( Photo of a micro-vineyard in France.)

Via the Guardian:

"...what if making your own wine conjured up images, instead, of a valley in Southern Europe, snow-topped mountains in the distance, olive and almond groves climbing up the hillsides and an abandoned, 100-year-old vineyard, that you'd bought for less than the price of a used Ford Mondeo?

Juan Cascant, the co-owner of a winery called Celler La Muntanya in El Comtat, a northern corner of Alicante, Spain, is sceptical that there is any looming "wine shortage" (and he's far from alone). He is, however, very open to the idea of outsiders buying vineyards in the region. Cascant's business is based on what he calls, in the local Valencian language, microvinyas, 28 small-holdings, each of less than a hectare, which supply the Celler with grapes."

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