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Review---Digital Mag Takes on Life, Deliberately

The third issue is out now, via iTunes, at $4, and it's visually appealing, but... DeliberateLIFE sparkles only when it moves beyond entertaining, cooking, growing your own food, light bulb choices, rainwater cachement, et al, topics with way too much Martha Stewart-ish/Simple Living-ish type feel…

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Ice Cream Lovers? This is Your Site

If you eat it, make it at home, plan trips around ice cream availability, I Love Ice Cream is a must.  Among many other offerings from the site's Brooklyn/Florida creator, two recipes stood out--olive oil gelato, and black pepper ice cream. 

Photo via Chow.

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Elvis, PNut Butter, and Yes, Bacon...

Had he not drugged and fed like crazy and died at 42, Elvis would have been 78, yesterday. His BDay caused NPR to come up with story of a night flight to Denver Elvis made with his best buds, in order to eat the following at the Colorado Mine Company restaurant:

"Take a whole loaf of Italian bread …

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Restaurant Day is Right Now!

It started in Hensinki, a year ago, as a wacky exercise whereby non professional people who like to cook opened "restaurants" for a day, out on the sidewalk, in their homes, in vacant lots, and more. Apparently there have been four such Restaurant Days since the start, and this year people in countr…

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