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Pope Francis O'erwhelmed With Foodish Gifts

Again with the food-related gifts for the Pope! Via The Guardian, "The Queen has met Pope Francis for the first time at the Vatican, presenting the famously plain-living pontiff with a hamper of British food including honey, cox's apple juice and 12 eggs from the crown estate."

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A Diplomat Indulges

According to the Guardian, "U.S. secretary of state John Kerry made an unscheduled pitstop in his diplomatic circuit on Thursday, darting into a fast-food restaurant in the West Bank city of Ramallah for a shawarma sandwich, a staple snack all over the Middle East.

Shawarma – shavings of meat gri…

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Say It Ain't So, Shakespeare!

"One may smile and be a villain." Wm.Shakes.

Apparently the Bard of Avon was a shrewd business type, profiting from grain hoarding and evading taxes.

A team of researchers from Wales' Aberystwyth University--( Is this just the revenge of the Welsh??)-- says this:

"Over a 15-year period (Shakes…

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Do Presidents Eat?

(Not Lincoln.)

On this glorious day honoring US prezzes--well, Lincoln and Washington, technically--we refer you to a blog entry by writer and novelist Heather Lockman, posted February 12.

"It’s Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday. I baked an old-fashioned cake.

Believe me, I know that sounds geeky.…

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Happy BD, Young Mr. Darwin, A Glutton for the Bizarre

"Darwin was an unusual gourmet. He had a distinctly scientific approach to eating and was never more satisfied than when digesting the rarest species known to the palate.

As a student at Cambridge, Darwin presided over the Glutton Club, which met weekly in order to seek out and eat 'strange flesh'.…

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