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International Food Aid: New Approach

Will a proposed new US international food aid plan  ..."enable the United States to feed about 17 million more people each year, while helping to fight poverty by buying the crops of farmers in poor countries..?"

Read the full story in the NYTimes here.


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Syrians Shelter In and Under Olive Groves

Syrians, killed buying bread in markets, killed attempting to care for their olive groves, now live in ancient Roman caves, under their groves, "trying to eat."

Before the war, Syria was a major olive oil producer.

More from the NYTimes.

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People Eat Horses, Don't They?

Well, yes, in France and Italy for sure, but they know they are eating horse. In the UK and Ireland, "beef lasagna" has been found to contain major equine meat, some of it possibly tainted with a veterinary med not suitable for human consumption.

More from the Irish Times here.

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Sweet Potatoes Traveled Far, Early

Sweet potatoes most likely were carried to Polynesia well before the Spanish took the native Andean crop with them on voyages. According to Science Magazine, " a new study suggests that the (sweet potato's) genetics may be the key to unraveling another great age of exploration, one that predated Eur…

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Astronaut Eats

Take a gander around what NASA does about food. Can you say Plastic?

Via The Verge

Today's Inaugural Eats

Menu with Recipes and Wine


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Find That Beer!

Hankering for a molasses raspberry thyme beer you drank once in Portland, Maine? Find it--maybe--at Search by beer, establishment, place, map...

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Well-Radiated Fukushima Fish, Alas

Radioactive contamination of fish caught in the vicinity of the  damaged Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant remains consistently high, according to a report in Common Dreams.  This means it is likely the plant still is leaking radioactive material.

Photo via

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Two Major Food Exhibits Open in DC, and NYC

  The National Museum of American History has launched its first all-food project called FOOD, Transforming the American Table, on show in Washington, DC for the foreseeable future. 

And--Running through August 11 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, "Kitchen" examines the w…

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Elvis, PNut Butter, and Yes, Bacon...

Had he not drugged and fed like crazy and died at 42, Elvis would have been 78, yesterday. His BDay caused NPR to come up with story of a night flight to Denver Elvis made with his best buds, in order to eat the following at the Colorado Mine Company restaurant:

"Take a whole loaf of Italian bread …

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Pigs Plow, Too!


They're tasty, they keep the barnyard tidy..., and they plow, if you speak to them properly. Pigs, the sustainable farmer's best pal.

Via Mother Earth News 

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Food Themes for Miss Universe

In case you missed the recent pageant...., here is exuberant Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero, bedecked and festooned in chocolate. Oh yes!

Miss Guam wore a few orange oyster shells, just a few, and that sent us to Google to discover more about the fabled orange oysters of Guam.

Via R…

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Guns for Butter?

"This past Mother’s Day, a buyback program in Los Angeles brought in 1,650 guns, each in exchange for a prepaid Visa or grocery-store card of up to $200, depending on the gun."

Via Matt Miller, WaPost 

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Banana Transport

If you build a banana vehicle, then suddenly you will want to do a documentary about it, and about assorted trips done in it. Right? Learn more from the BCar website....

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Darjeeling Secures Its Brand

Just as a bottle labeled Cognac must derive from Cognac in France, now so too must tea labeled Darjeeling actually come from that specific Himalayan terrain.

Via NYTimes


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Food, by Utne

Is  the "industrial food system nine meals away from anarchy?" See what you think here.

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OK, The FINAL Bacon Bacon Thing

Le Bacon, in bacon, via The Guardian

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Still with the Bacon...

Bacon "band-aids," of course. Why not? Via Perpetual Kid.

Risking All in Aleppo for Bread

Bacon Everything?

Those bacon people sent us an email re their bacon-scented shaving cream...has this baconny thing not gone on long enough?? Though we do wish them well, and big bucks, because it's tough out there in the foodish gift world, yep.

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